Haguichi 1.0.4 has arrived delivering a truckload of new stuff:

  • Implemented persistent reconnect cycle (fixes bug #685216).
  • Added optional larger network list layout.
  • Added option to show alternating row colors.
  • Added expander with Hamachi output to error dialogs.
  • Event notifications for the same member are now merged.
  • Command timeout is now 60 seconds default and has a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Network list update timer is now being set after finishing the previous cycle.
  • Network list update interval may be set to 0 now to turn it off completely.
  • Network id’s, nicks and passwords are now properly escaped when parsed to the command line.
  • Implemented a more safe icon lookup in the commands editor (fixes bug #689644).
  • Version info is now correctly updated again after login when using Hamachi
  • Tweaked main window layout in disconnected state.
  • Tweaked preferences window layout.
  • Tweaked layout of menubar and status icon menu.
  • Tweaked the size of the monochrome panel icons.
  • Added complete Czech translations (thanks to Jan Bažant).
  • Added complete Turkish translations (thanks to Aytunç Yeni).
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and optimizations.
Main Window Connected (Large Layout)

Large network list layout.