What exactly is this Hamachi thing?

Hamachi is a zero-configuration VPN application that establishes a LAN connection between computers over the Internet. Read more on Wikipedia or visit the vendor’s website.

What is the purpose of Haguichi?

Haguichi provides a user friendly GUI to control the Hamachi client for Linux, which has a command line interface only.

Where can I download the Hamachi client for Linux?

You can find the latest Hamachi for Linux packages at https://vpn.net/linux

How do you pronounce Haguichi?

Haguichi is pronounced ha-goo-EE-chee.

Why is Haguichi asking me to "configure" Hamachi before I can connect?

By default Hamachi can only be controlled by the root user on your system. To allow other users (such as yourself) to control Hamachi you need to add the line Ipc.User username to the file /var/lib/logmein-hamachi/h2-engine-override.cfg where username is your actual username. If you click the “Configure” button then Haguichi will add this line for you. However you do need to have (root or super user) privileges to be able to do so.

How can I start the Hamachi service without having to enter my password each time?

If you run a distro that uses systemd, you can start the Hamachi service automatically on boot. To do this, execute the following command in a terminal as root:
systemctl enable logmein-hamachi

Or as super user:
sudo systemctl enable logmein-hamachi

I'm experiencing problems using Haguichi. What should I do?

First, please try to figure out what is causing the problem. When you are reasonably sure Haguichi is the cause, and not the Hamachi client or your network infrastructure, then open an issue on GitHub.

Where do I find Haguichi in my applications menu?

Haguichi should appear in the Internet section of your applications menu.

What desktop environments does Haguichi support?

Haguichi has been tested to work on Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Pantheon, Unity and XFCE.

What languages does Haguichi support?

The latest version of Haguichi supports Asturian, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Visit the translations page on Launchpad to check completeness and/or help with translation.

Does Haguichi run on macOS or Microsoft Windows?

No, Haguichi is specifically developed for Linux.

How can I chat with people in my Hamachi network?

The Hamachi client on Linux doesn’t support chat by itself. But fortunately you can chat with people in your network using an application like Pidgin (using Bonjour protocol) on both ends.