Haguichi 1.0.26 introduces search in the network list to filter networks and clients. Just start typing to trigger this feature. If that’s a little too easy for your taste you can also navigate to Edit → Find in the menubar or press Ctrl+F. Complete list of changes:

  • Added a searchbar to filter networks and clients in the treeview.
  • Added accelerators for the actions Join Network (Ctrl+J), Create Network (Ctrl+N) and Show Offline Members (Ctrl+M).
  • Activating the treeview row will not trigger the default command anymore if the selected member is not online.
  • Swapped out dependency on ndesk-dbus(-glib) for dbus-sharp(-glib).
  • Humanity panel icons are not included anymore because that theme has become outdated.
  • Added complete Slovak translation (thanks to Zdeněk Kopš).
  • Updated Czech, Kazakh and Turkish translations.
Main Window Search

Searchbar to filter networks and clients in the treeview.