As benevolent dictator of the Haguichi project I have the pleasant privilege to announce to you the immediate availability of Haguichi 1.0.0! And there’s a good reason for these round numbers, you know. Let me share them:

  • Elaborate support for the Hamachi² client, including:
    • Managing access to your Hamachi² network (setting password, lock and approval method)
    • Sending join requests to when a network requires manual approval of your membership
    • Support for long nicknames (> 25 characters) of members in your list
  • Updating the network list and changing network status is now handled in the background (using threads) so the GUI stays responsive during these events.
  • Complete translations for one new language: Italian.
  • Added an interactive demo mode which acts as if there’s an Hamachi² client present, even when there’s not. Handy for taking screenshots or simply trying out Haguichi without having to install the Hamachi client. Start Haguichi from command line with option --demo to activate this mode.
  • New spiffy icons! Many thanks to Lapo Calamandrei for creating the new sleeker base shape and giving me a live demo over IRC on how to draw highres icons.

Haguichi icon